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About Sarah Piper

People strategist, untraditional HR and talent acquisition go-getter, founder and the original Invisible Partner


Sarah Piper has over 18 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, having led and managed diverse teams across Australia, the UK and South East Asia.

Having launched businesses from scratch herself, Sarah knows exactly what it takes to build teams that don’t just do a job, but that form a community and culture that build, evolve, and stand the test of time.

Her unique insights have seen her lead and manage diverse recruitment and advisory teams across many disciplines and market dynamics.  An expert in handling executive briefs and leading the delivery of high profile, talent acquisition projects.  Sarah is able to quickly centre in on an organisation's Employee Value Propositions , enabling hiring success for brands big and small.

With an infectious energy and a strong vision to redefine the way recruitment and talent acquisition is done, Sarah spearheads Invisible Partners and is responsible for challenging the traditional, growing thriving companies from within and overseeing all elements of the Invisible Partnering process.


About Invisible Partners


At Invisible Partners, we flip the conventional idea of recruitment and talent acquisition on its head by doing things differently. And by differently, we mean better. By working with you, instead of simply for you, we help you achieve results from the roots of your business: your people.

Invisible Partners - Sarah Piper

Invisible Partners

The strategic extension of your day-to-day to provide your business with the tools and people it needs to flourish.

Through our fresh, personal, and highly specialised approach to HR advisory and talent acquisition, we deep dive into the needs of companies to discover the best approach that aligns with their vision.

Whether you need access to a skilled workforce on the fly, to improve your own recruitment capability, or a high-level position to fill with the perfect candidate, think of Invisible Partners as the strategic extension of your day-to-day to provide your business with the tools and people it needs to flourish.


Our Vibe


We work as an extension of your brand, organisation or business, providing you with a network of highly specialised, flexible workers to make whatever recruitment challenges your business is facing a complete breeze.


With us, it’s personal. Your goals become ours, and accountability is key. Which is why we make it our mission to offer quality, professional services that are tailored to you, without the hefty price tags or the need for high volume transactions.


You want great talent. You want a sustainable people solution. You wish Agencies weren’t the only way. #ChallengeAccepted. At Invisible Partners, we breathe new air and give HR advisory and talent acquisition a fresh, friendly and reliable makeover so that you come out with a solution that is forward-thinking, that lasts, and best of all at a fraction of the cost.


Established by a seasoned professional in the industry. Invisible Partners has devised a model that offers a creative alternative to the traditional solutions.  Not only do we know how to launch great teams, but we know how to retain them while helping you build your own employer brand in the process.