I killed 9-5...

........and gave birth to my 3rd baby.

For me, it wasn’t working. I was constantly rushing. Rushing my precious babies (now 2 and 4) through their days and lives. Rushing the commute. My existence was that of anxiety fuelled guilt. Constantly living with the sense of foreboding, of not doing anything right or enough, in spite of the reality of smashing the goals in my path.

I know I’m not alone, with the juggle of major competing priorities. I could see parents of young children everywhere I looked, sacrificing themselves in the attempt to cram it all in to deliver this chronic expectation of 9-5. Those of us caring for aging or unwell relatives, or those of us who just want to smell the roses. The voice in my mind was getting louder all the time – THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY TO DO THIS?

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Sarah PiperComment