Let’s find out if your Employer Brand is a Double Hot Shot or a Weak Cold Drip!

You’re here because you’re the lucky recipient of an Invisible Ticket (invisible, AKA invincible!) meaning you have exclusive access to a complimentary…


Talent Acquisition Health Check with Invisible Partners’ Founder and Director, Sarah Piper

Talent Acquisition Health Check
Sarah Piper - Your Invisible Partner

What Your Health Check Includes:

Your Health Check will uncover crucial factors needed to improve your hiring results, specifically looking at areas that contribute to attracting and retaining your ideal candidates.

It will cover:

  • A discovery session to find what you’re trying to achieve with your people and to uncover how you appear to your ideal candidate

  • A look into your current recruitment lifecycle, from go to woah 

  • A deeper look into the talent you currently have in the team - are they the one's you need to hit your big hairy audacious goals?

We’ll present you with customised, comprehensive insights on what’s working for you and what areas need attention and how they can be improved.

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Sarah with client

Why You Want Need

Sarah Piper as your Invisible Partner

People strategist, untraditional HR and talent acquisition go-getter, founder and the original Invisible Partner. Having launched businesses from scratch herself, Sarah knows exactly what it takes to build teams that don’t just do a job, but that form a community and culture that build, evolve, and stand the test of time. 

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Like Social Proof?

You’re not alone! Sarah lives in a world where references speak volumes, so here are a couple of hers:

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